About Us

Campbell Refractory has performed all kinds of refractory services all over South Africa, Africa and the UAE. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors due to our flexibility in service offering to a variety of clients.

Our clients  are the reason that we have been so successful; and we find it exhilarating to know that our client’s success is our success.

As we served our clients over the past two decades, we have come to the realization that every client has their own needs and expectations We made it our mission to assist every client with their needs by any means possible and we have done this through support and assistance.

We have been extremely fortunate to serve clients in almost every industry, from petrochemical, copper, aluminum, ferro-alloys, steel, pulp, foundries, and the power industry.

Due to our vast knowledge in various industries, we have the ability to serve a variety of clients.


We provide a comprehensive refractory service:

  • Project & Maintenance Services

  • Temporary Employment Services

  • Plant Hire

  • In House Training

For more information please visit our services section.


We provide services to all types of industries.

We provide support, assistance and a value-added service to clients; thereby creating a successful partnership.


Campbell Refractory Plant provides a comprehensive service to meet our customers plant requirements.

Campbell Refractory Training Centre plays a vital role in our group structure to ensure we meet our customers’ competency requirements.

Campbell Refractory Group provides a comprehensive refractory service to meet our client's refractory maintenance requirements.

Campbell Refractory Installation supply refractory personnel to meet our client's needs in the refractory industry.

Campbell Refractory Plant provides a comprehensive service to meet our client's plant requirements.

Campbell Refractory Training Facility plays a vital role in our group structure to ensure we meet our client's competency requirements.

For more information please visit our services section.

Campbell Refractory has built an excellent reputation in the refractory industry due to the commitment and expertise from the founders who worked hand in hand with their teams on various projects. We strongly believe that these principles which we hold dearest to us until present is one of the main reasons that our company has been a great success for more than two decades.

Assessing Value to make an impact to our client’s needs.

Our Pledge

Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through providing exceptional service. We accomplish this through our comprehensive service offered to a variety of clients according to their needs and expectations. We strive to be recognized by our employees, clients, community and shareholders as a responsible organization which conducts business in a manner that is ethical. Our commitment to quality, safety and the environment is reflected through programs focused on continual improvement and reasonable compliance with applicable regulations, industry standards and best practices, contractual requirements and corporate initiatives. Planned, integrated and consistent efforts involving every element of our organization; create these results.
Our company is certified in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.
We have the capability and skills to meet all your refractory and wear lining requirements. Campbell Refractory is committed to seeking growth and prosperity by achieving a sustainable competitive share of our industry in the domestic and international marketplace. We will strive to reach our goals by exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients through continuous improvement in quality, productivity, value added service, new service offerings and exceptional client satisfaction. It is our intent to develop quality partnerships with our employees, suppliers, clients, and the community in which we operate. We wish to continually set standards of excellence, both personally and professionally, which exemplify our dedication to our goals and to the fulfillment of our Mission statement. For more information on our Vision and Mission visit our About page.

Our Values

  • Safety Is Our Number One Priority

  • Exceptional Quality Workmanship

  • Establishing Lasting Relationships With Clients and Employees

  • Exceeding Client Expectations

  • Gaining Client Trust

  • Teamwork and Collaboration

We Undertake to:

  • Provide a professional, well-managed, reliable and honest service

  • Provide a cost effective service.

  • Maintain communication and good relations with the client and his personnel.


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