Campbell Refractory Installation provide assistance to organisations which require skilled artisans for demolition and installation projects.

Our client’s needs has become more sophisticated, skilled artisans more difficult to find, Campbell Refractory has for more than a decade provide skilled artisans to organisations which are performing work within the refractory industry.


Our services extends beyond the relatively simple task of just providing artisans to organisations, we manage all aspects of the workforce. By taking responsibility for a wide range of essential services, Campbell Refractory assist its clients achieve internationally recognised standards of quality, enhance their overall business performance, and avoid the logistical challenge of sourcing different skilled artisans when required.

Campbell Refractory growing reputation for being able to provide such a wide range of skilled artisans and services, makes us the first choice to organisations.

We are long-established experts in providing multi-services to a variety of organisations.

We work closely with our clients to establish the best working partnerships and the best practices. We allocate the most appropriate skills and resources to each project, without compromising on safety or quality.

Campbell Refractory Installation is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

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For some organisations it could be a daunting task to source the workforce, required for their projects. However by making use of our services you don't have to struggle getting the right artisans and to occur additional cost to source the workforce required (Rest assured, we do it all for you).

We are looking forward hearing from you. Do not delay in contacting us today for your resource requirements.